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Best IPL & BBL Laser Treatment Toronto

IPL & BBL® HERO™️ photofacial by Sciton

Treatment areas

Brown spots
Sun spot removal
Broken blood vessels
Spider veins
Rosacea redness
Cherry angiomas
Fine lines and wrinkles
Acne treatment
Full face, neck, chest, arms, hands and legs

How it works

BBL® HERO™️ (Broadband Light) by Sciton is the world’s most powerful IPL photofacial treatment. Broadband light uses multiple wavelengths of light to treat brown spots, redness, broken veins, and rosacea. BBL also stimulated collagen by applying heat to the upper layers of skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles. The entire face, neck and chest, and body including arms and legs can be treated.

What to expect

Your skin will feel warm and turn pink during the treatment, and you will feel a light snap to the skin with each pass. Each pass of light breaks up pigment and removes broken veins, resulting in lightly pink and warm skin that lasts a few hours. As expected, you may have immediate darkening of brown spots. These brown spots either turn into the appearance of coffee grounds and fall off in three days, or your body will metabolize the brown spots out. You will see immediate results with broken blood vessels removal. If you are having an IPL and BBL treatment in Toronto, you can expect to see results after three to four days with brighter, healthier looking skin. Anywhere from three to six treatments are required to treat specific concerns.

Before & after

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IPL & BBL® HERO™️ photofacial by Sciton frequently asked questions

Intense pulsed light, also known as IPL, uses wavelengths of light to treat brown spots, redness, broken blood vessels, acne, and sun damage. The wavelengths of light target brown and red pigment within the skin to reduce signs of aging, or photoaging. IPL can be used anywhere on the body, with the most popular areas being the face, chest, and arms. Heat during the treatment stimulates collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Usually three to five treatments are needed for optimal results. BBL, or BroadBand Light, is the best and most powerful version of IPL. BBL uses multiple wavelengths of light all at once to treat your skin concerns. BBL is the most powerful IPL device available.

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BBL stands for BroadBand Light, which is the most advanced IPL and the gold standard for achieving brighter and tighter skin. BBL offers high-powered energy with state of the art cooling wands to improve your comfort and have little downtime with each BBL treatment. The best BBL treatment in Toronto uses multiple wavelengths of light and heat to remove pigment and collapse dilated blood vessels within the skin, while using heat to stimulate collagen. BBL is the most non-invasive way to reduce signs of aging without the use of injectables. The best IPL treatment Toronto has to offer is BBL by Sciton for it’s efficacy and comfort with each treatment. Wave goodbye to unwanted brown spots, freckles, redness, sun damage, and fine lines, amongst others.

Our skin is constantly changing with time, and as we mature, changes to our DNA and our genes is the driver for aging. As time moves forward, our aging-genes are activated, telling our skin cells to look and act older. Sciton’s BBL® HERO™️ Photofacial is the only treatment proven to reduce aging – frequent BBL® HERO™️ treatments use light energy to penetrate deep into the skin, allowing skin cells to be genetically programmed to act younger and thereby, look younger. On a molecular level, Stanford researchers found BBL® HERO™️ to turn off “aging” genes and active “younger, healthy” genes. It the long-term clinical study, researchers revealed that subjects who received regular treatments appeared 11 years younger. In other words, they looked younger than when they started the study. Hence the name, BBL® HERO™️ Photofacial.

Photofacial and photorejuvenation is a professional light therapy treatment that uses the best IPL and BBL in Toronto to reduce and eliminate signs of aging. IPL and BBL treats brown spots, broken blood vessels, sun spots and sun damage, hyperpigmentation, cherry angiomas, rosacea, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and although it is a facial, the best IPL and the best BBL in Toronto can be applied to the chest, arms, legs, back, and abdomen. The best IPL photofacial and BBL® HERO™️ photofacial use light to penetrate deep into the skin to reduce signs of aging, giving you a brighter and tighter complexion. Think your skin but at its best. The best IPL laser in Toronto and BBL treatment in Toronto will prevent you from wearing foundation and concealer – it’s the best way to achieve a no-makeup, healthy skin glow.

The best BBL in Toronto is an IPL, or intense pulsed light, that uses multiple wavelengths of light at once to provide brown spot removal, treat broken blood vessels and redness, and is a rosacea treatment in Toronto. It’s an excellent and fast way to improve your complexion and reverse signs of aging. The best IPL laser in Toronto uses Sciton’s BBL® HERO™️ treatment, which is the most powerful and effective version of IPL available. Anywhere between two to six treatments is required, with an average being three to four treatments. You may notice pink and mildly swollen skin after your IPL treatment, with brown “coffee ground” spots lifting off after two to three days. Individual results may vary, and the best IPL treatment in Toronto will tailor the treatment to you and your skin goals.

IPL in Toronto including BBL is a non-invasive way to reverse aging and perfect your overall complexion by providing a rosacea treatment brown spot removal, sun damage treatment, amongst other applications. During your IPL and BBL treatment, you will wear eye protection and can expect redness and the sensation of heat during your treatment. You may immediately see darkening of any brown spots being treated, and broken blood vessels collapse immediately. Brown spots and sun damage will appear dark in the first few days, and either metabolize until it is faded, or pull up to the surface of the skin, appearing like coffee grounds, then fall off. You can expect to receive anywhere from two to six treatments initially, ensuring you maintain sun protection and use recommended skin care products to maintain your results. You can expect to receive three treatments annually for maintenance. With little downtime, this non-invasive IPL laser is comfortable, low maintenance, and will have you looking your best.

The best IPL treatment and Toronto BBL treatment can treat all areas of the body. The most popular areas for IPL and BBL include face, neck, decolletage and arms. Since the BBL treatment in Toronto and the best IPL laser Toronto uses wavelengths of light to find pigment and dilated blood vessels in the skin, BBL treatments are the best for treating freckles, sun spots, brown spots, cherry angiomas, sun damage, and fine lines on the skin everywhere. There is no limit to where IPL and BBL can be used. Due to exposure to the sun and BBL’s ability to reverse aging, the face, neck, chest and arms are common. BBL can also treat the legs and other areas for IPL hair removal in Toronto. It’s a great overall treatment to receive three times a year for maintenance.

The best part about IPL and BBL in Toronto is that it treats countless issues that are inevitable as we age, largely due to sun damage as well as our aging genes being activated as we mature. BBL tells the genes in your skin to act younger, activating the “young” genes in our skin, while deactivating the “old” genes. The best IPL treatment in Toronto is with BBL by Sciton. BBL and the power of light allows us to give you a rosacea redness treatment, brown spot removal treatment, acne treatment, hyperpigmentation treatment, while using heat to stimulate collagen. It’s an amazing way to improve the integrity and appearance of your skin while reversing time and damage that occurs to the skin over the years. The BBL facial in Toronto is an incredible investment for skin health, appearance, and reversal of the key signs of aging.

Results after a BBL facial in Toronto can be seen gradually, and not immediately. Most patients see results from their BBL laser treatment within one to two weeks, with the best results seen after a series of treatments. Several weeks affter your IPL and BBL treatments, you’ll notice smoother skin, with less visibility of brown spots and red spots. BBL is the best brown spot removal in Toronto, as well as the best treatment for blood vessels on the face. The best IPL results will be seen with cumulative treatments, and adherence to excellent skin care. The best IPL laser treatment in Toronto should be maintained with sunscreen and antioxidants to be used as recommended by your provider.

IPL treatments and BBL facials in Toronto break up pigment in the skin and collapse broken blood vessels amongst others. Brown spots and sun damage treated with the best IPL laser and BBL photofacial will last between 8 to 12 months, with annual treatments recommended for maintenance. Some brown spots and many broken blood vessels may never return. One of the triggers for returning brown spots and blood vessels are exposure to the damaging UV rays from the sun which is a main contributor to the signs of aging. It is recommended with every treatment that you apply sun protection routinely, and use antioxidants to further protect and repair your skin. Ingredients like SPF > 30, vitamin C and E, and retinol (vitamin A) are all important to use in order for the best IPL and BBL treatments in Toronto to maintain the results.

Absolutely! The IPL and BBL photofacial is best paired with the Bela MD facial, microneedling, and microneedling with radiofrequency. These treatments help exfoliate dead skin to achieve optimal IPL and BBL results, improve texture, and further stimulate collagen. The best IPL facial and BBL treatment package should be paired with a Bela MD facial or the Signature Lift Facial to enhance the results of your best IPL treatment in Toronto. Lastly, the BBL photofacial and IPL laser in Toronto has to be followed up with a good skincare routine. This includes sun protection (hat, shade, SPF), the use of antioxidants daily (vitamin C and E), as well as retinol or other skin brighteners. The importance of skin care is stressed because it will improve the results to give you the best IPL treatment results, and the best longevity with your BBL treatments in Toronto.

The number of IPL and BBL facial treatments depends on your skin type, skin concerns, and skin goals. On average, four treatments are needed, and anywhere from two to six treatments initially needed to manage mild to complex concerns. We recommend three treatments annually as part of our BBL® HERO™️ protocol to improve skin integrity and create a youthful glow. Individual results may vary, and some patients will respond faster than others. We recommend avoiding spray tans or having any tanned skin at the time for each treatment in order to optimize your treatment results. To enhance your treatments further and make your best IPL and BBL the most efficacious, we recommend specific skin care products so you receive and maintain your amazing IPL laser results.

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For several weeks after each treatment, the best IPL and BBL photofacial laser treatment will give you brighter, clearer skin with less pigment, less redness, less broken blood vessels, and a youthful glow. After your initial series of IPL treatments and annual treatments in Toronto for maintenance, you’ll notice that the IPL photofacial has reduced fine lines, tightened the skin, reduced pore size, and gives you stronger skin integrity. As with many cosmetic treatments, the best IPL treatment in Toronto will take time to see results. IPL laser results are gradual, and require commitment to the initial series of treatments followed by the best skincare routine to ensure your results are maintained. Stanford researchers studied the best IPL treatment, BBL® HERO™️ by Sciton, and found patients appeared 11 years younger than their age. They looked younger than when they entered the study. The best IPL laser treatment and BBL photofacial in Toronto is easy to do, non-invasive and will benefit you for years to come.

You can be any skin type to receive the best BBL® HERO™️ by Sciton. It is worth noting that the best results are seen on fairer skin types, as it is easier for the IPL laser to target the areas of pigmentation against fairer skin. In Toronto, a good candidate for the IPL laser and BBL facial treatment is the person looking to enhance their complexion by reducing the appearance of acne, scars, rosacea redness, sun damage, brown spots, sun spots, wrinkles, blood vessels, and other skin concerns. Additionally, the best candidate for an IPL laser treatment and BBL® HERO™️ is someone who is patient as the results are gradual and require more than one treatment. Finally, a good candidate for an IPL treatment is someone adherent to a good skincare regimen. This includes sunscreen and sun protection, antioxidants, and retinols to protect and maintain your IPL laser results.

BBL is a highly advanced and best IPL device on the market. The reason BBL is significantly better than any other IPL device is it’s use of multiple wavelengths of light at once and a more accurate treatment method compared to the best IPL laser. Additionally, IPL can only treat three types of skin, whereas BBL (the highly advanced version of IPL) can treat darker skin types, as Sciton’s BBL is safe and efficacious where regular IPL cannot manage these issues. Essentially, BBL is the better and most advanced version of IPL laser treatment, giving you more specific treatments for your specific skin concerns. Each BBL photofacial treatment can be tailored to you using the best technology to treat your skin concerns.

Our approach when it comes to your skin is comprehensive and holistic. We aim to prioritize your concerns, and if your skin goals include reducing pigment, improving your complexion, enhancing your flow, and getting rid of brown spots and broken blood vessels, the best IPL treatment in Toronto is for you. It is important to have your hand held throughout the process and we ensure you begin using skincare products to enhance and maintain your results for optimal longevity after your IPL treatments. We stress a multimodal approach, using IPL and BBL as one modality for antiaging. The reason we offer you BBL as the best IPL treatment in Toronto is because Sciton’s BBL machine is the most powerful and will give you the best results for your IPL laser treatment in Toronto.