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Millennial’s are getting these treatments

Millennials are reducing the stigma surrounding Botox and dermal fillers. What was once seen as treatments only celebrities could obtain, facial treatments are now commonplace in society. This is because non-invasive treatment options with safe technology has been developed and accessible to millennials who have a popular interest in preventative skin care. Nowadays, millennials consider Botox and fillers in the same category as getting a manicure, waxing, or blow out. Thinking ahead about the negative effects of aging is crucial to prolonging your skin health.

Over the past five years, Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin use between the ages of 19 to 34 years has increased by 87%.


Within just five years, Botulinum Toxin use among people aged 19 to 34 increased by 87%. Lindsay Jones, Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner at Lift Clinic Toronto, has noticed this phenomenon in her practice. “Younger men and women are taking more and more interest in there skin health to manage their appearance. It’s not just about the way you look, it’s about how you feel when you take care of yourself. Your skin’s health is the best representation of you.” The best thing you can do for your skin, is to take the time and effort into maintaining it now so you can prevent poor skin health in the future.

The most cost-effective solution to aging process maintenance?

Start young.


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