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Sculptra Near me Toronto

Sculptra® Injectable Toronto

Treatment Areas

Sculptra works best in areas appearing hollow or depleted of volume. Sculptra injections are tailored to you. Sculptra injectable subtly enhances:

✅ Hollow cheeks and softening high cheekbones
✅ Hollow temples
✅ Lines forming around the nostrils (nasolabial folds)
✅ Midface and lower face

How Sculptra works

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable treatment that helps restore lost facial volume due to aging, weight loss or other causes. Sculptra injectable uses a biostimulant which stimulates collagen for a natural, more youthful appearance.

Sculptra Before & after

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Sculptra frequently asked questions

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable treatment that restores lost facial volume due to aging, weight loss or other causes. Sculptra Aesthetic is a biostimulant consisting of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which occurs naturally in humans and animals. It stimulates your body’s own collagen production and helps fill out hollow areas of the face and restore lost volume. It’s a great alternative to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for anyone looking to restore lost collagen in their skin using a natural approach.

Sculptra Aesthetic is a non-surgical injectable filler. Unlike other fillers that simply add volume to the skin, Sculptra Aesthetic stimulates the body’s natural production of new collagen fibers so you get longer lasting results with fewer treatments required than with other options. Sculptra Aesthetic is a dermal filler that provides gradual and cumulative results for up to 2 years after the last treatment. Results improve with each successive treatment. Clinical studies show that the majority of patients achieve their optimal result at about 3 months post-treatment.

Sculptra Aesthetic is a biostimulant that stimulates collagen production. The product is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, which is a synthetic form of L-lactide, a natural component of human skin. The product helps reduce facial aging and improve the appearance of sunken cheeks, hollowness, volume loss and other skin conditions. Sculptra Aesthetic works gradually over time as new collagen forms under the surface layer where it’s injected to produce fuller facial contours and reduce signs of aging like sagging or creases in the skin (known medically as rhytides).

The cost of Sculptra treatments in Toronto vary depending on the number of vials needed to restore lost volume and rejuvenate collagen. As a general rule, one vial per decade of life is required (i.e 40 years of age requires four vials). Each session uses one to two vials, and sessions are separated by 1-3 months. Sculptra treatments at Lift Clinic Toronto involve a consultation to assess your facial features for how Sculptra can benefit you. 

Sculptra in Toronto offers injectable treatments which stimulate collagen up to 12 months post-treatment for long lasting results. The treatment itself takes about 15 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime. That means you could fit it in during your lunch break, on the weekend, or even during a workday if you work from home. The whole process is done under local anesthesia — so there’s no need to take a day off from work like — and it’s painless.

  • You’ll see an immediate improvement after your first treatment, but your results will improve over time with each successive treatment.
  • Results are cumulative. You will not see a huge difference from one treatment to the next, but your results will be visible after several sessions.
  • The best candidates for Sculptra Aesthetic include those who have good skin tone and elasticity as well as those who are generally healthy and active. Although anyone can develop facial sagging and wrinkles, these signs of aging tend to appear sooner in people with dark skin pigmentation or large pores.

Sculptra is a minimally invasive treatment that has minor risks, including swelling, bruising, bumps which typically resolve with time. It is possible to have an allergy to Sculptra. During the best Sculptra consultation at Lift Clinic Toronto, we discuss your medical history and allergies to ensure you are the right candidate for Sculptra injectable.

Sculptra treatments require one to two treatments, where you can expect to return every 1-3 months until your desired result. The results will be noticeable immediately after your first treatment, but the full effect of Sculptra® Aesthetic may not be realized for several months. Collagen stimulated from Sculptra lasts up to two years and more. Aftercare instructions include living a healthy lifestyle and protecting your skin from UV damage to improve Sculptra’s longevity.

The number of Sculptra vials in Toronto will be tailored to you and your face, depending on the degree of volume loss you’ve experienced in the face. The best Sculptra face injections in Toronto should be unique to you, where an experienced injector can assess your skin to determine the appropriate amount of Sculptra to use. A general rule is for patients to receive one vial per decade. This means if you are 40 years of age, you may require up to four vials for your treatment depending on the degree of volume loss, hollowness, or sagging/jowling there is presently.

Sculptra injectable in Toronto is not permanent, though it is longer lasting than hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Sculptra takes three to twelve months to stimulate collagen. The collagen produced then begins to last two years and upwards, depending on lifestyle. To ensure optimal results, we recommend one to three Sculptra treatments spaced out by a few months, along with protecting the skin and combining it with other treatments such as radiofrequency microneedling. Sculptra is not reversible like hyaluronic acid filler so choosing the right injector is important when considering Sculptra injections in Toronto. At Lift Clinic Toronto, we offer the safest techniques for injecting Sculptra that provide optimal results for our clients.

Sculptra is a biodegradable biostimulant made up of a sugar polymer that becomes metabolized and breaks down after the injection, leaving behind strong and tight collagen to improve skin volume and integrity. As with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks with Sculptra including bruising, swelling, allergies, and bumps such as nodules. When considering Sculptra injections in Toronto, it’s important to consider your injector and seek an injector in Toronto with safe injection practices. Here at Lift Clinic, we offer hyper dilute Sculptra which has been shown to reduce the risk of any long-term effects.

After the injections, Sculptra treatments settle in 2-3 days with your skin returning back to normal. It is over the next several months that the skin begins to get tighter with subtle volume as collagen is being produced. The end result is seen around twelve months after the Sculptra treatment as it takes several months for collagen to be produced. After receiving a Sculptra treatment in Toronto, it is important to massage the areas to integrate the Sculptra treatment into the skin and ensure it settles quickly. This differs from hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in Toronto, which typically does not require any post-procedure massage. At Lift Clinic Toronto, we offer both Sculptra treatments and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to enhance the 

Sculptra in Toronto differs from hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in a few ways. Sculptra is a biostimulant, which means its purpose is to stimulate collagen over several months. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers provide volume and the results are seen immediately. The longevity of the products differ, as Sculptra only begins to reveal it’s beauty around three to twelve months as this is how long collagen takes to be stimulated, whereas hyaluronic acid fillers last approximately twelve months then another treatment will be required. Sculptra is commonly injected in the temples, cheeks, midface, and jawline for replacing volume with your own collagen. Sculptra should not be injected in the lips, under eyes, or other mobile areas. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be used in most areas including lips, laugh lines, under eyes, amongst others. Our expert providers at Lift Clinic Toronto who injects both Sculptra and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in Toronto can explore the appropriate option for you to provide natural results.

Sculptra treatments shouldn’t be painful. At Lift Clinic Toronto, we are composed of experienced injectors who ensure the most comfortable experience with our cosmetic procedures including Sculptra. Included in your treatment is anesthetic, or injectable numbing, to ensure you experience the most comfortable experience for your Sculptra treatment. 

After your Sculptra treatment, you can expect to have some mild swelling to the injection sites which will be the end result in several months so you will have a glimpse of what it will look like so long as we ensure optimal collagen is stimulated in the following months. After Sculptra injections in Toronto, we recommend massaging the areas for five minutes, five times a day for five to seven days. This is important to do and is non-negotiable to be able to integrate the Sculptra well into your skin. It will take two to three days after Sculptra injections for the swelling to subside, where your skin returns to normal until many months later when the collagen is produced. Ultimately, Sculptra injections in Toronto is for the most patient person who can tolerate waiting a few months to begin seeing results.

Leading up to your Sculptra treatment, there is little to do in advance. At Lift Clinic Toronto, we review your treatment and ensure your questions are answered prior to your Sculptra treatment so you are aware of what to expect after the injections. A few days before your Sculptra injections, we recommend avoiding alcohol or blood thinning agents for a few days prior to your treatment to reduce your risk of bruising. After your Sculptra injections at Lift Clinic Toronto, we recommend avoiding important social events for a few days in case of any residual swelling.

At Lift Clinic Toronto, we value natural results and safe injection techniques using cannulas (instead of needles) to optimize your safety and comfort during your Sculptra injections. The best Sculptra injector in Toronto should ensure your Sculptra treatment is as safe as can be, and that the correct injection techniques be utilized for the best Sculptra in Toronto. We recommend scheduling a free consultation prior to your Sculptra treatment at Lift Clinic Toronto in order to have one of our expert injectors provide a comprehensive facial assessment and ensure Sculptra injections are appropriate for you.