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Best Facial Fillers Toronto

Dermal fillers Toronto

Dermal fillers treatment areas

Under-eye hollows
Cheek enhancement
Laugh lines
Chin and lower face rejuvenation
Lip plump (mini and regular)
Jawline definition

How dermal fillers works

Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to plump, contour, and replace volume that we lose during the natural aging process.

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Dermal fillers frequently asked questions

The most popular dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar molecule that already exists within our body. Sometimes we need a boost of hydration from within the skin, since we loose our natural hyaluronic acid as we mature. Fortunately we offer advanced dermal fillers to hydrate the skin from within which improves your complexion, replaces lost volume and common signs of aging, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid face fillers are semi-permanent and dissolvable, which is a great treatment option if you are looking to enhance your natural features. Popular areas to get injected include cheeks fillers, chin fillers, lip fillers, under-eye fillers, and anti wrinkle fillers around the mouth. In order to treat volume loss that occurs inevitably in our face, the best dermal fillers in Toronto are a great solution to replace volume loss and visible signs of aging.

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Dermal fillers are considered semi permanent, which means that the majority of the filler will be metabolized out over several months. The speed at which dermal fillers are dissolved depends on factors such as metabolism, type of filler injected, and area of injection. On average, hyaluronic acid dermal filler lasts between 6 to 12 months. Some face fillers made of non-hyaluronic acid last a few years if their purpose is to stimulate collagen, as it takes many years for your body to break down the collagen that was created. Individual results may vary, and it is common with skin care procedures to expect variable longevity. Anecdotally, we find that after multiple treatments with dermal fillers in the same area, subsequent treatments tend to make dermal fillers last longer, therefore improving its longevity. Filler injections are a wonderful way to enhance the skin and restore lost volume – the key is to remain conservative. Our approach is to start low, go slow. We’re always open to discussing your goals, and offer free consultations to explore potential options so you can look and feel your absolute best.

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Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a soft gel that integrates nicely into your natural tissues. Dermal fillers work by using injectable hyaluronic acid filler to replace your natural hyaluronic acid that depletes as we age, improve skin integrity and add volume in various areas to the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give a natural, softer look. Dermal fillers can also be used to contour and sculpt the face. Dermal fillers are not permanent and will need subsequent treatments every 9 to 12 months or so. We find it’s most beneficial to start with a complimentary consultation to establish if dermal fillers, or other cosmetic treatments in Toronto, would be most beneficial for your skin goals.

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Although the sun may not damage or change the results of your dermal fillers treatment, we highly recommend avoiding sunbathing just as a general rule, to maintain collagen and elastin in your skin and improve the integrity of your skin. One of the reasons why you may require cosmetic fillers is to reduce advanced signs of aging caused in part by UV sun damage. Truly, the best way to make your dermal filler treatments look its best is to have great skin on the surface as well, ensuring you’ve taken care of the outside of your skin before and after your treatments. One of the cheapest ways to age gracefully is to wear sunscreen daily. We recommend avoiding as much sunbathing as possible, but if it’s necessary, it is most beneficial to you to protect your skin with sunscreen and antioxidants so we prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Lip fillers can last anywhere between three months to nine months, depending on individual factors. Some of these factors that change the longevity of lip filler include age and metabolism, type of face fillers injected, the number of cosmetic filler treatments received, and volume of dermal fillers injected. In our experience, we find that multiple lip plump treatments lead to more sustainable results with better longevity. Lip filler is a great way to hydrate the lip from within, like a natural lip gloss, to reduce lip wrinkles, and to enhance the shape of the lip. We offer a mini lip plump in Toronto and a regular lip plump in Toronto, as well as consultations to discuss your goals and appropriate lip volume proportionate to the rest of your face to remain natural after a subtle lip filler treatment. Lip fillers don’t have to be scary – the goal is to look hydrated and natural.

The cost of dermal fillers in Toronto depends on the volume needed, the type of dermal fillers being used, and the injectors experience. On average, the best lip filler in Toronto ranges between $450-$650, whereas the best dermal fillers in Toronto treating multiple areas of the face for global volume loss can require 2 to 4 syringes, varying in total price between $1100 to $2400. Since we tailor the best dermal fillers treatment to you depending on facial anatomy, areas of enhancement, and your desired goals, we offer complimentary consultations to give you an accurate picture of what the cost would be.

While it’s common to confuse botox with Dermal Fillers and vice versa, the treatments are quite different. Botox and Dysport relaxes muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve the general complexion of the skin. Cosmetic dermal fillers help re-volumize areas of the skin which have experienced volume loss from loss of collagen, elastin, fat, and bone, as well as plumping and hydrating the skin to fill in fine lines. Dermal fillers pair nicely with Botox and Dysport and great skin care. We take a comprehensive approach to assess your face and determine which skin concerns can be treated with Botox and Dysport, or if dermal fillers amongst other treatments are more appropriate. Oftentimes, Botox in Toronto is not interchangeable with dermal fillers in Toronto. Rather, the two treatments compliment each other. We enjoy exploring your concerns and giving you options for naturally enhancing your beauty, and ensuring you remain looking like the best version of yourself.

Although exercise doesn’t directly dissolve dermal fillers, exercise can boost metabolism and subsequently can dissolve dermal fillers quicker. That being said, we wouldn’t tell you to not exercise, since it’s important to our mental and physical well-being. We do recommend avoiding exercise initially, for a few days after receiving your dermal fillers treatment, to reduce any swelling and bruising post-treatment. Heat can increase swelling, and when you exercise, your body becomes hot which can prolong unnecessary swelling after your treatment. Ultimately, exercising won’t change the result of your treatment, but rather, it prolongs any social downtime from swelling and bruising you may have. Once your treatment settles in, we recommend continuing your regular exercise regimen for general health and well-being.

Immediately after your dermal fillers treatment, you will see quick results along with swelling and possibly bruising. Swelling immediately after the injections is common and inevitable, as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers retain more water for 2-3 days post-treatment. You can expect swelling to increase immediately after your treatment, which persists for a few days, until your body reabsorbs the excess water retention and your face filler settles in. We recommend icing the treated areas frequently, starting immediately after your treatment, to reduce swelling. We offer ice packs to our clients for use after your dermal fillers toronto treatment. If you feel more hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in Toronto are needed, we recommend waiting until two weeks post-treatment to have your treatment re-assessed for any further treatments required.

Dermal fillers are generally safe, but similar to any procedure, cosmetic dermal fillers do not come without risk. Swelling and bruising are common side effects to expect. We prefer hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as they are dissolvable with a painless injection of an enzyme to remove the hyaluronic acid when needed. As with any cosmetic procedure like dermal fillers, it is important to visit an experienced and knowledgeable professional who can provide you with a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan while walking you through potential risks with any cosmetic treatment. Be sure that your injector is a qualified and licensed health professional, with RPN, RN, NP and/or MD licensure. At Lift, we ensure safety protocols are in place for your safety and comfort.

Dermal fillers are not painful and we offer numbing procedures to reduce any discomfort you may have. Discomfort during the treatment depends on areas being treated, the technique being used, and pain tolerance. For your filler injections, you can expect brief and mild discomfort as you would with any injection into the skin. The best dermal fillers include lidocaine which allows for better patient comfort and reduces the pain during the procedure. Occasionally after your treatment, you may experience tenderness and general soreness to the areas of injection. You should not have any severe pain, significant discolouration, or changes to your skin or skin colour (besides regular bruising which can be expected). For your comfort after your treatment, we recommend avoiding any social events for 2-3 days after your treatment to give you ample time to ice the treatment areas after your dermal filler injections.

Dermal fillers are considered semi-permanent, lasting between 6 to 12 months on average and depending on many variables such as metabolism, volume injected, type of filler, area of injection, etc. The beauty of hyaluronic acid facial fillers is that it already exists as a natural sugar molecule in your skin – we’re simply adding additional hyaluronic acid to plump, hydrate, and restore lost volume under the skin. We notice that with ongoing maintenance, the best dermal fillers such as Revanesse and Restylane, build on previous face filler and can last longer which is more sustainable. Another reason why hyaluronic acid is the best dermal filler is for its easy integration into your natural tissue and dissolvability of the product. There are many versatile uses of injectable filler depending on your skin goals. Our goal is to use cosmetic fillers to enhance your natural beauty. We aim for a rejuvenation, not a transformation. Dermal fillers are best pair with other treatments that improve skin laxity, stimulate collagen, and improve skin integrity to make your dermal filler injections look their best.

We always love seeing you and are grateful to be part of your journey to feeling beautiful and confident in your best skin. We make a strong effort to develop working relationships with all of our clients. Whether it’s us or elsewhere, we recommend visiting an injector who uses the best dermal fillers and offers injectable fillers that align with your skin’s needs and aesthetic goals. Face fillers should be tailored to you, whether that’s cheek fillers, forehead fillers, or other areas for cosmetic fillers to enhance your natural features. We know that subtle enhancements improve our confidence – when we look good, we feel good, and vice versa. As such, our ethos is to ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and that you feel good having us provide you with the best dermal fillers we can provide. We will always be honest, say no to filler injections when necessary, and work with you to provide you the best aesthetic results. If you’re interested in learning more, we offer free consultations to explore your skin concerns.